Too big of a fireplace in a small room can turn into a hot mess! At the same time, too small a fireplace may provide insufficient heating inside the room. So, what is the best kind of fireplace for a small room?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fireplaces, so you’ll have to plan ahead to get the right dimensions and materials.

Here are some different types of fireplaces for small rooms.

A Vent-Free, Ethanol Burning Fireplace

This type of fireplace setup has recently been gaining momentum in its niche market due to its minimal design, environmental-friendly burn, and portable feature.

What likely turned the attention to this type of fireplace is the push towards sustainable bio-fuel. Vent-free ethanol burning fireplaces use denatured ethanol, so there is no need for installation of utility systems to power the fireplace.

An Insert Fireplace

Whether it is new fireplace installation or an extension of your current fireplace, an insert unit is a viable economic and energy-efficient alternative.

Basically, insert fireplaces are made in a modular design, which allows people to install it either as a standalone unit or an upgrade to their existing fireplace.

One of the key benefits of using an insert fireplace is its exceptional ability to circulate warm air. They are also versatile and are configurable in multiple ways including direct vent, vent-free, and wood burning.

A Radiant Fireplace

Considered the epitome of all fireplaces, radiant units can be used as a primary heat source. The fireplace should be installed within the center of the room or house. Radiant fireplaces are all natural, with its structure handmade from stone piles.

A possible drawback from radiant units is that they burn through wood at a much quicker rate than other fireplaces. Usually, fire from radiant heaters only run from three to four hours before burning out.

If possible, use hardwoods like oak and ash. These hardwood burn longer and can maintain the same high temperatures. The trade-off is that hardwood are actually more expensive than softwood.

Whatever fireplace you decide to install it is important to ensure fireplace care and safety.

Install a stainless steel divider that can withstand extreme temperatures and can control the fire from spreading outwards. Wood-burning units should be cleaned regularly.

Sweep or vacuum the wood ashes from the interior floor. Make sure to wear safety equipment including a dust mask and gloves.

Wood used for burning in fireplaces are often laced with chemicals that improve burning efficiency and odor. These chemicals may cause serious health conditions when inhaled or absorbed by the body.

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What is The Best Kind of Fireplace For a Small Room? | The Fireplace Factory


What is The Best Kind of Fireplace For a Small Room? | The Fireplace Factory
What is The Best Kind of Fireplace For a Small Room? | The Fireplace Factory
What is The Best Kind of Fireplace For a Small Room? | The Fireplace Factory
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