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Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace Accessories in Long Island

Are you looking for top notch fireplace products in Long Island? Look no further than The Fireplace Factory.  From fireplace tools to andirons, we’ve got you covered.  You want to make sure that all of your fireplace needs are met.  This means keeping maintenance supplies on hand.  If you’re focused more on the aesthetics of your products, we have good news.  Our array of elegant fireplace products and accessories is incomparable.

Do you have a wood burning fireplace?  You’ll need an outdoor firewood rack as you will need somewhere to stack your wood.  You don’t want to be caught without one.  Don’t forget your fireplace tools.  You’ll need them to keep your fire burning properly.   This is a fireplace accessory that you will not want to do without.  Much of your maintenance will be taken care of by using the tools in this set.  Additionally, they are aesthetically pleasing.  You can go modern or add some old world flair to your fireplace. The design of your fireplace accessories is completely up to your and what tickles your fancy.

Fireplace screens are as beautiful as they are functional. Meant to protect your home from the sparks that naturally come from a fireplace, these screens are an absolute necessity. Just make sure you pick up a screen that is a tad lad taller and wider than your fireplace.  Two inches of extra length and height  is suggested.  You DO NOT want the flame to escape your fireplace screen.   Fireplace screens are one of the most fun fireplace products and accessories because they allow you to customize the look of your fireplace and consequently the room in which the fireplace lives. Whether you’re in to minimalist or rustic, Long Island’s The Fireplace Factory has the perfect screen to for you.

Need a remote control for your gas or electric fireplace or stove?  No big deal.  This fireplace accessory is  by for one of the most convenient of all time.  Controlling your fireplace from across the room is ideal for post fireplace owners.   There are various models of remotes that offer varied functionality.  They are as custom as your fireplaces are.

That’s not even half of the fireplace products and accessories that you’ll fall in love with. You want to protect your investment.  Look no further. All you fireplace accessory needs are met by The Fireplace Factory in Long Island.  Just stop in and we’ll get you up and running with beautiful [products and accessories in no time.


Here at The Fireplace Factory we offer all of the extras that your fireplace could ever need.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about our products and accessories.

Ash Vacuums

The aftermath of a warming fire can often be messy… An ash vacuum will make clean-up swift and simple. No more brooms and dustpans, just one compact vacuum will get the job done.

Firewood Tubs

Store your logs in a convenient and decorative manor with a firewood tub. Keep it right next to your fireplace so you don’t have to take the hike outside to grab more wood.

Fireside Tools

Everyone has their own arsenal of fireside tools; pokers, shovels, tongs and more. They are the bare essentials to any fireplace and we’ve got them all.

Log Racks

Have everything in one place. A log rack will not only hold your wood, but also your tools. With everything in one place you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the flames.

Fireplace Cleaning products

Keep your fireplace looking new. From liquid cleanser to soot erasers, The Fireplace Factory has everything you need to clean your setup.

Fireplace Screens

A fireplace screen is a must-have. They come in all different styles and commonly have mesh or glass walls. They’re stylish and functional and will keep your flames under control.

Fire-resistant Rugs

Fill in the empty space in front of your fireplace with one of our beautiful fireproof rugs. Constructed with safety in-mind, one of these mats will benefit your home and those within.


Made commonly out of iron, firebacks are used increase the heat generated from a fireplace by reflecting it outwards into the room. They have been used for centuries and are an important addition to your fireplace.

Utility Gloves

Protect your hands against cuts, splinters, and burns. These gloves will keep your hands in-tact while working with your fireplace. From kindling to cleaning, your hands will be safe.


One of the most recognizable fireplace accessories in history. Bellows have been used since fireplaces have been used. The expandable belly of a bellow pumps air into the flames, helping the fire sustain and grow.

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