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• Carefully massages and compresses temples, crown and occipital bone

• Provides relief for migraine headaches

• Offers increased relaxation


• Flexible roller system conforms the shape and contour of the back

• Provides kneading and pressing massage techniques

• Maximum lumbar range of over 30” has a reach from the top of the neck to the tailbone

• Unique massage feature designed to target stress relieving pressure points in the neck


• Body sensors detect the proper width for the rollers

• Sets a custom width based on position of shoulder blades and spine

• Gives each user a custom tailored massage


• Compression air bag massage from the shoulders to the hands

• Ergonomic design and function for maximum comfort

• Promotes better circulation, joint health, muscle recovery, and soothes arthritis/carpal tunnel pain


• Extend your feet up to 11.5”

• Optimum settings for users of all heights


• 3 massage rollers in the soles of the feet to maximize fatigue recovery and pain relief

• Foot massage rollers may also provide reflexology benefits such as blood circulation, strengthened organs, and better overall health

• Controlled-intensity compression massage in calves and feet to boost muscle recovery

• Airbag massage in the seat to provide compression to thighs and buttocks

Zero-Gravity Massage

• Reclines to a position where the thighs and feet are above the heart and results in weightlessness in the spine/back

• Allows the spine/vertebrae to decompress and recover from the force of gravity

• Benefits include soothing back pain, reducing strain on heart, decreasing muscle tension, enlarging lung capacity, and raising blood oxygen levels/circulation

Additional Features:

• Heat throughout the lower back, seat, and legs

• USB music player allows for noise cancelling relaxation and music sync massage

• Stretch function completely stretches out the back, legs, and feet

• Programmable timer massage (10-30 minutes)

Additional Information:

• ETL approved

• Standard 110V outlet

• Limited lifetime warranty

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