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Our Osburn Wood Burning Stoves

900 Wood Stove
Area: 250 – 1,000 Ft2
Max Output: 40,000 BTU/h (11.7 kW)

Osburn is proud to present its 900 models, our smallest wood stove. The 900 still incorporates the features and technology of the larger Osburn stoves. This EPA stove packs a lot of heat with an output of up to 40,000BTU/hr. This sturdy little heater will keep you warm and toasty.

Despite its size, the Osburn 900 takes an adequate log length of 17″, making it an admired option in the small stove market.

1700 Wood Stove

Area: 500 – 1,800 Ft2
Max Output: 65,000 BTU/h (19 kW)

Designed to meet the needs of smaller spaces, the Osburn 1700 combines robustness and elegance to allow you to enjoy your heating experience with confidence. This unit is equipped with high-density bricks, a cast iron door, a built-in ash pan, a top heat deflector that redirects heat to the front of the unit, and side panels to reduce its clearances.

Choose your favorite version by customizing the unit to suit your style: refined door overlays, new leg designs, glass ash lip; significant innovations for the most seasoned experts. Exceeding air quality regulations with emissions as low as 1.26 g/h, the Osburn 1700’s efficiency will save you time and money.

2000 Wood Stove With Blower

Area: 500 – 2,100 Ft2
Max Output: 75,000 BTU/h (22.0 kW)

Year after year, the 2000 model remains one of the most popular wood stoves in the Osburn range.

In 2018, Osburn redefines the design of this heating appliance and sets new standards for emissions. This new version keeps its 2.4 cubic foot combustion chamber and still offers the same power with an impressive emission performance of around 1.54 g/h. With this model, the 130 CFM fan is still included; unquestionably the best opportunity this season!

Its new cast iron door gives a youthful look with elegant lines while retaining the spirit of wood heating. Customize your appliance to suit your décor: refined door overlays, new leg designs, glass ash lip with integrated ash pan; significant innovations for the most seasoned experts.

2400 Wood Stove With Blower

Area: 1,000 – 2,700 Ft2
Max Output: 100,000 BTU/h (29.3 kW)

Some of the Osburn 2400’s impressive features include a 3.4 cubic foot firebox; a heating capacity of up to 2,700 square feet; 13.5” of clearance in the firebox, which can accept logs up to 21”, and a burn time of up to 10 hours in slow combustion mode.

In addition to its impressive performance, this model is environmentally efficient, with emissions as low as 1.6 g/hour (in medium-high) combustion mode.

If you’re looking for a large wood stove for your home or weekend cottage, the Osburn 2400 is a perfect choice.

2200 Wood Stove With Blower

Area: 800 – 2,000 Ft2
Max Output: 70,000 BTU/h (20.5 kW)

***Only available in Canada***

Although similar in many respects to the older 1800 model, the 2200 stove is more suited to more intensive, continuous use. Its 20% larger firebox is designed to maintain steady heat over a longer period. A powerful, ultra-silent 130 CFM fan is available as an option. The glass surface of the bay window is also 20% larger than that of the 1800 model, providing a wonderful view of the fire from every angle.

In short, the Osburn 2200 offers a perfect combination of utility and enjoyment!

2300 Wood Stove With Blower

Area: 900 – 2,300 Ft2
Max Output: 90,000 BTU/h (26.4 kW)

The 2300 model, one of our new-generation wood stoves, comes from the drawing board to you, backed by the advanced technology of Solid-Edge, a 3-D software design program. It features an aesthetically pleasing cast-iron door complete with the Osburn logo, hidden latch and hinges, and extra-large glass window.

Each appliance is equipped with a premium-quality blower. The secondary air tubes and baffle ensure combustion of the highest quality.

Read on to find out more about the sophisticated qualities and distinctive look of the 2300 model.

3500 Wood Stove With Blower

Area: 1,000 – 2,700 Ft2
Max Output: 110,000 BTU/h (32.2 kW)

Specifically designed to face the rigor of winter, the Osburn 3500 is essential for any spacious home, especially in harsh weather conditions. Despite its emissions below 2.0 g/h, this wood stove utilizes a user-friendly, non-catalytic technology as well as a significant reduction of fuel consumption. The unit features a firebox that can hold up to 50 lb of cordwood, as well as a blower, a thermodisc, and an airmate for optimal heat distribution and unparalleled comfort.

A choice of door overlay, a fire screen, and a glass ash lip are available as options.

Inspire 2000 Wood Stove
Area: 500 – 2,100 Ft2
Max Output: 75,000 BTU/h (22.0 kW)

Are you interested in getting off the beaten path? The Inspire offers a style that will surely withstand variable trends with these pure lines of balanced proportions, allowing the brand Osburn to easily compare to European-style products. This more contemporary look is available on a steel base, soapstone, or even a minimalist base for those who prefer to place the unit directly on a non-combustible podium. Equipped with a 2.3 cubic feet firebox and an outside air intake, this unit will meet the requirements of domestic energy standards, not to mention that a mobile home installation is permitted.

The Inspire largely meets EPA requirements with emissions as low as 1.54 g/h and complies with the most stringent North American requirements. A guarantee of quality, reliability, and durability, once again Osburn demonstrates its firm commitment to the environment to the delight of wood heating fans.

Matrix Wood Stove With Blower

Area: 750 – 2,100 Ft2
Max Output: 75,000 BTU/h (22.0 kW)

The Matrix wood stove uses the same engine as the proven Osburn 2000. However, its clean and modern look is sure to bring a European touch to your room. The top of the stove is made of cast iron with two rich pieces of soapstone, which remind us of the renowned Finnish fireplaces.

Optional soapstone side shields are also available. Logs can be conveniently placed underneath the large firebox, making the Matrix a practical and elegant heating machine.

Matrix Wood Stove With Blower

Area: 500 – 2,100 Ft2
Max Output: 75,000 BTU/h (22.0 kW)

With the same sleek, modern style and vastly improved performance, the Matrix wood-burning stove will certainly bring a European touch to your home. Let the Matrix wood stove provide you the warmth, safety, and coziness needed during these cold winters

You can now personalize your device with the steel or soapstone top and side panel options from a local Quebec City mine, reminding us of the richness of our natural resources. Logs will easily fit under the large firebox, making the Matrix a practical and stylish heater. The Matrix is equipped with a 130 CFM fan to ensure optimal heat distribution. Enjoy the comfort of winter more than ever before!

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* Heating Capacity will vary with floor plan and ceiling height, insulation, and outside ambient temperature.
** Your results may vary depending on your vent configuration.
† P4 Efficiency determined using CSA P4.1-02.

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