A roaring fire while bundled up with a warm blanket and a good book on a crisp wintry night is the best way to enjoy the winter season. Having a gas fireplace that requires little tending, minimal to no clean up, and leaves the rest of the house at a comfortable temperature make the idea even more appealing. Most older style homes are built with fireplaces that are not only messy to clean, but are drafty and pull the warm created air out thru the chimney. Fireplace inserts have become a popular solution to upgrade the older style fireplace.

Gas fireplace inserts are an easy, mess free alternative to the traditional fireplace renovation that creates a disaster during the process. Simply put, the gas fireplace insert is an air tight fireplace replacement. Constructed of steel or cast iron, the gas fireplace installation involves sliding the unit into your existing fireplace and fitting it flush against the wall. Installers will use panels on the sides to give the insert a clean look. For homeowners seeking a more traditional wood burning stove feel, the gas fireplace insert can also be placed on the hearth.

Energy efficiency has been a common topic in today’s society. The efficiency of the gas fireplace inserts save the homeowner money as the warm air flows into the home, rather than pushing the heat up and out the chimney. Inserts have the ability to put out a much greater amount of heat while burning only about 30% of what the traditional logs do. At a 70-80% efficiency, they create as much heat as the furnace. By the flip of a switch, homeowners can quickly and easily turn the fireplace on to enjoy.

The insert will give your fireplace a completely updated and finished look. Due to the cleanliness and ease of use, gas fireplace inserts have become the most common way to upgrade your fireplace. Every homeowner appreciates the ambiance of a warm, crackling fire during the crisp winter months. Fortunately, gas fireplace inserts make converting your older, inefficient fireplace into an enjoyable, cost effective, mess free experience.