Electric fireplaces are rapidly becoming one of the most popular additions to households and hold a significant value of importance with its comforting ambiance. While most traditional fireplaces require costly installation and maintenance costs, electric fireplaces are starting to become the most popular choice. Electric fireplaces are available in traditional mantel, insert, and wall-mount designs, while being offered with a variety of installation and decor options to choose from. Not only will you be minimizing energy bills and maintenance costs, but the additional ambiance of a warm and inviting environment is created along with it!


There are three basic types of fireplaces available, and all of which happen to be hassle-free. They include wall-mount, mantels, and electric fireplace inserts. Each model comes with a wide range of finishes and designs options to suit any interior decor.


This fireplace typically features two main components: a separate mantel that houses the firebox and a vent-free firebox with a realistic flame effect. This plugs into any standard 120-volt wall outlet. With a large variety of finishes and colors to choose from. Only some of them double as media consoles.Fireplace mantels may also feature shelving for additional storage, such as a spot for your television.


These types of fireplaces are available in hanging models, some of which install directly into drywall. The hanging fireplaces usually include all the mounting hardware needed for the installation, such as an owner’s manual that contains easy-to-follow instructions. Professional installation may be required to make sure the fireplace is installed in accordance with building code.


These inserts are designed to fit inside existing fireplaces. This includes any steel-lined or brick hearth.One of the most common features are the LED inner glow logs that provide a realistic effect of a wood burning fire. There are pulsating embers that truly make a genuine flame effect. Being so easy to install, all it requires is to simply be plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet. Another great feature is that these insert fireplaces can be operated with or without heat, so it is a great piece to have operating in the background.