The Mind Reader II

Welcome to the Mercedes of massages! The Mind-Reader detects your body width and height, and then conforms the massage according to your body. 4 Easy pre-programmed massages to revitalize every part of your body, Manual control at your fingertips to reduce or intensify each area of massage. The Mind-Reader provides 3-Dimensional massage plus heating to promote natural healing and recovery. The Mind-Reader foot and calf massage with the available 10″ extension adds full attention to completely sooth your body.

3-Dimensional Massage

Unlike other chairs whose wheel mechanism moves left and right and up and down, The Mind-Reader’s wheels actually push outward into your muscles. As a result, you get the pressure you need to work-out those stubborn knots.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make sure you find the right fireplace for your home and family. We want every person that comes in contact with The Fireplace Factory to be blown away by our professionalism, caring attitude & integrity. We strive to honor God in all that we do.