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Tag Archives: gas fireplaces

Reasons to Include Outdoor Fireplaces to your Home

Adding an outdoor fireplace is becoming more and more popular to any home. There are several reasons why people want to include an outdoor fireplace to their home. It brings a unique look to any home because even though it’s becoming more popular not too many homes have them. The Fireplace Factory has numerous outdoor Read the full article…

Tag Archives: gas fireplaces

Gas Vs. Electric Fireplaces

A fireplace can bring instant ambiance, extra warmth and value to a home. When choosing between an electric or gas fireplace, it’s important to determine the pros and cons of each in order to make the best decision for your home. Gas Vs. Electric Fireplaces – What you need to know: Gas Fireplaces With gas Read the full article…

Tag Archives: gas fireplaces

What is The Best Kind of Fireplace For a Small Room?

Too big of a fireplace in a small room can turn into a hot mess! At the same time, too small a fireplace may provide insufficient heating inside the room. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fireplaces, so you’ll have to plan ahead to get the right dimensions and materials. Here are some different Read the full article…

Tag Archives: gas fireplaces

The Importance of Chimney Maintenance Services

The Importance of Chimney Maintenance Services A warm, cozy fire is one of the most inviting aspects of the long winter days. Even a slight chill in the air can be eliminated when a lovely blaze burns in the fireplace. However, the comfort of a fireplace can quickly turn to danger when the chimney is Read the full article…

Tag Archives: gas fireplaces

Frequent Gas Fireplace And Gas Stove Questions & Answers

A great alternative to a traditional wood-burning masonry fireplace is a gas fireplace or stove. Gas-fueled fireplaces and stoves provide plenty of heat to help cut the cost of utilities in winter; and they have other benefits, as well. If you’re considering having a gas fireplace or stove installed in your home, the following related Read the full article…

Tag Archives: gas fireplaces

Electric Vs. Gas Fireplace: Which is Right for you?

If your current home or apartment wasn’t built with a wood fireplace, you don’t have to carry out the expensive and troublesome process of having one installed. Fortunately we are in an era where technology offers you the option of simply having an electric or gas fireplace installed. Flexibility- If you live in a warm Read the full article…

Tag Archives: gas fireplaces

Is It Time For Fireplace Inserts to Update Your Hearth?

Have a fireplace that Isn’t very efficient? A gas fireplace insert just might be your solution. Fireplace Inserts not only produce more efficient heat, but also save you money over the very long winter months when heating costs can skyrocket. According to the National Association of Home Builders, fireplaces rank among the top three features desired Read the full article…

Tag Archives: gas fireplaces

How to Choose the Right Fireplace for Every Room

While a fireplace is an attractive addition to a room, there are many reasons that you might want to install one in your home. This said, not all fireplaces are right for every room. Getting help from a professional in bohemia, NY is one of the best ways to ensure you are getting the right Read the full article…

Tag Archives: gas fireplaces

Choosing the Right Fireplace for Your Home

Choosing the Right Fireplace for Your Home Nothing’s better than curling up with a book, hot cocoa or a loved one in front of the fireplace on a cold winter’s day. And this winter has been a very cold and snowy one for people in New York! Fireplace store, The Fireplace Factory in Bohemia, NY Read the full article…

Tag Archives: gas fireplaces

Homes with a Fireplace Are Always Warm and Cozy

Most people wouldn’t dream of buying a home that didn’t have a wood burning fireplace or at least one of the energy efficient gas fireplaces that are being installed with greater frequency all over New York. Other people prefer the warm, cozy heat produced by wood burning stoves. Let’s take a look at why so Read the full article…

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