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Our Osburn Pellet Stoves

2500 Pellet Stove
Area: 500 – 2,000 Ft2
Max Output: 39,260 BTU/h (11.5 kW)

The new Osburn 2500 pellet stove is an entry-level appliance, roughly comparable to the 3000 model, whose appearance is more like that of a conventional wood stove. Although slightly different in some respects than its congener, it still retains the same distinctive signs of the brand.

This pellet stove is made from high-quality materials: Canadian steel of a higher grade, glass ceramic imported from Germany, heat exchangers made of stainless steel, and thermosetting powder paint. Despite these real assets, worthy of a remarkable design, this product is offered at a very competitive price in addition to being eligible for certain credits and programs (government incentives).

Responding largely to the next highest standards of solid fuels and environmental protection, the Osburn 2500 has an incredibly low average particle emission rate below 0.96 g/h.

Thanks to easy installation, intuitive electronic control, and easy-to-use thermostatic control, the Osburn 2500 is for anyone who wants nothing complicated. It is also easy to clean with access to removable components without tools.

3000 Pellet Stove
Area: 500 – 2,200 Ft2
Max Output: 43,000 BTU/h (12.6 kW)

If you love the look and feel of a wood stove but are attracted to the convenience offered by pellets, then the OSBURN 3000 PELLET STOVE is for you.

The Osburn 3000 displays a classic wood stove appearance and is aesthetically consistent with other members of the Osburn product family. However, within this classic wood stove design exists state-of-the-art components for achieving the unparalleled performance and convenience of a pellet stove.

Notable internal features include a bottom-feed fuel delivery system, sophisticated electronics for greater convenience, and an air wash system for keeping the large glass viewing door clean. The new Osburn 3000, is a must for eco-friendly heating!

5000 Pellet Stove

Area: 750 – 2,400 Ft2
Max Output: 47,300 BTU/h (13.9 kW)

The Osburn 5000 pellet stove is the result of Osburn’s evolution in the design of advanced combustion systems using solid fuel sources. With its bottom feed technology, this unit offers impressive reliability and flexibility regardless of the type of pellets you burn. The touch-screen control panel provides infinite possibilities while keeping the operation surprisingly simple.

The clean and vertical look of the Osburn 5000 brings a modern touch to your decor without any compromise on heat output and efficiency.

7000 Pellet Stove

Area: 1,000 – 2,800 Ft2
Max Output: 70,500 BTU/h (20.6 kW)

Osburn increases its leadership in the wood pellet stove market with the Osburn 7000. This stove, which uses bottom-feed combustion technology, has an impressive hopper capacity of 125 pounds and offers a combustion time of up to 92 hours. Leading edge, the Osburn 7000 has a convenient and intuitive touchscreen display offering a world of possibilities to the user.

In addition to having a clean line and contemporary design, the Osburn 7000 offers two choices of door overlays to complete its style. This pellet stove, which can produce up to 70,000 BTU/h, is equipped with a powerful 500 CFM blower and can be fitted with a hot air distribution kit to optimize heat distribution throughout the house.

Volta Pellet Stove

Area: 500 – 2,000 Ft2
Max Output: 45,600 BTU/h (13.4 kW)

The Volta, Osburn’s newest pellet stove, is a quiet and contemporary model. Its innovative components use direct current (DC) and can now operate using the optional 24 volt battery system in the event of a power interruption. The unit can also be easily connected to solar panels or other secondary source of renewable energy.

The Volta is the complete package, an environmentally friendly heater that delivers power, efficiency, reliability and cleanliness.

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* Heating Capacity will vary with floor plan and ceiling height, insulation, and outside ambient temperature.
** Your results may vary depending on your vent configuration.
† P4 Efficiency determined using CSA P4.1-02.

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Osburn Pellet Stoves | The Fireplace Factory
Osburn Pellet Stoves | The Fireplace Factory
Osburn Pellet Stoves | The Fireplace Factory
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