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Lopi Gas Stoves

Northfield Cast Iron Gas Stove

Northfield Gas Stove

Northfield Gas Stove

The NorthfieldTM cast iron gas stove is a true work of art. It’s classical Early American design and three-side fireview more resembles a piece of fine furniture then a gas stove. And despite its size, the Northfield boasts an incredibly large 416 square inches of fire-viewing – which highlights the realistic wood-like fire from any angle in the room.

The Northfield produces up to 22,000 BTUs, along with an exceptional turn- down ratio of 70-percent – for fantastic control over the amount of heat produced. The Northfield can be installed as a top or rear vent stove and boasts close clearances to adjoining walls (5” in the back and 3-1/2” on the sides for top vent installations) – so you can literally install it anywhere within your home. The Northfield is available in New Iron Paint, hand-rubbed Carbon Patina, Oxford Brown porcelain enamel and Black Majolica porcelain enamel finishes and comes standard with a cast
decorative fireback.

Greenfield Cast Iron Gas Stove

Greenfield Stove

Greenfield Stove

The GreenfieldTM cast iron gas stove is a true revolution in stove design. Combining clean lines, graceful proportions and traditional cast appeal, this wide-view stove can be considered a freestanding fireplace! The number one feature on the Greenfield is the incredibly large 749 square inches of fire-viewing glass. The open, three-side glass design allows you to view the incredibly realistic log set and dancing-flames from any angle in the room. Another great feature on the Greenfield gas stove is the downward pointing accent light. This beautifully highlights the logs from the top, giving the fire a radiance never before offered in a freestanding stove.
The Greenfield is designed to be a powerhouse of a heater, with an input of 40,000 BTUs it can heat up to 2,000 square feet! But this stove is also exceptionally “Green” to own and operate. The Greenfield takes advantage of the revolutionary GreenSmart system including the two-stage Ember-Fyre burner to give you an outstanding energy-efficient turn-down ratio of 70% on NG and 82% on LP. This gives you fantastic control over the amount of heat produced and allows you to use your stove on the coldest days where you need maximum heat, but also for year-round enjoyment when only the fire and little heat is desired.

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