The Importance of Chimney Maintenance Services

A warm, cozy fire is one of the most inviting aspects of the long winter days. Even a slight chill in the air can be eliminated when a lovely blaze burns in the fireplace. However, the comfort of a fireplace can quickly turn to danger when the chimney is not properly maintained.

You Never Know
Burning wood creates a natural byproduct called creosote. That byproduct coats the interior of a chimney, causing airflow to become restricted. Likewise, the more creosote you have in your chimney, the more soot will appear. Soot can cause major structural damage, giving you a less efficient fireplace and a higher likelihood of serious damage.

The biggest problem with these natural byproducts of regular fireplace usage is that a homeowner cannot know if they have a problem or how serious it has become. Without regular chimney inspection services, you could experience a chimney fire the next time you stoke the logs.

Dangers of Chimney Fires
Small chimney fires can occur quietly, causing damage to interior structure without the home owner’s knowledge. This is a dangerous situation, in that a small chimney fire often leads to larger ones that can cost thousands of dollars in home repair or even medical emergencies.

The National Fire Protection Association states that four out of five fire related deaths occur in the home. The NFPA also states that creosote buildup causes most of the fireplace and chimney related fires; a situation that is entirely preventable with regular maintenance.

Maintain Your Chimney Today
The simplest and most effective way to avoid chimney fires is to hire a professional chimney cleaning service for regular inspections. The Fireplace Factory provides chimney services in Bohemia, NY so you can enjoy the warmth of your fire with no added stress. When you take advantage of the variety of chimney services in Bohemia, NY, you chimney will be clean, well-functioning, and safe for you to use every day.