It is official, tax season is behind us and many of us have either a refund check in their hands or on the way. You are probably one of the many wondering, “what should I do with this?” There are countless alternatives available and one of the wisest of them would simply be to invest. Investing in your home is not only a wise option for term long term, but you can enjoy the benefits of it instantaneously.
One of the most popular home investment additions are indoor gas fireplaces, due to the considerable amount of benefits and aesthetic appeal it provides. You’ve got some extra money, so why not invest it in something that will look great, add value to your home, and save you money in the long run. Listed below are just a few of many benefits and reasons why a gas fireplace makes an excellent investment-

Heightened Interior Design

If your home doesn’t currently have a gas fireplace, you can add one – with no expensive chimney construction required. Thanks to the technology that makes up direct vent fireplaces, gas fireplaces are vented directly to the outdoors through a dual-chambered pipe that draws outside air in and expels the fire’s combustion byproducts out. Direct vent gas fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere, as long as there’s access to natural gas or liquid propane. The before and after photos below show what a huge different a fireplace makes in a room. So, start shaping your house design ideas around a fireplace!

Improved Home Value
According to a 2013 survey by The National Association of REALTORS®, fireplaces were one of the most-preferred features home buyers sought in their dream home. Nearly 40 percent of those surveyed indicated they would pay more for a house with at least one fireplace, with a median premium of $1,400. That’s why so many homes have at least one gas fireplace.

The convenience of a gas fireplace is as easy as it gets. You just flip a switch or hit a button on a remote control to light the fire. There is no buying wood, or cutting and splitting your own. There is no handling, stacking or storing. And your house won’t smell like a campfire for days. This is why gas fireplaces get used far more often than wood-burning fireplaces.

Lasting Impression
The warmth and the glow of a fire has a relaxing effect on everyone, providing emotional comfort as much as physical warmth. Just as candlelight sets the mood for an intimate dinner, a gas fireplace creates instant ambiance in any room. This is why the fireplace always seems to become the central gathering place of the home.