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Fireplaces in Smithtown, New York

Northern Atlantic winters are rough Even the most rugged of individuals can benefit from a fireplace here. There are many fireplace options for all kinds of homes including wood burning, gas burning, and electric units. Fireplace Factory is Long Island’s go-to place for all things fireplace and fireplace related, so come on down and find out why! There’s no need to freeze this winter-not when there are great deals on all of the best fireplaces at Fireplace Factory. Come on down today!

Buying a Fireplace in Smithtown

At Fireplace Factory, we know that making any investment in your home is a decision that should not be made lightly. Our staff has decades of combined experience and knowledge about every kind of fire place, including electric, gas, and wood-burning. Getting you the best fireplace for your home is out priority, that’s what we carry the biggest name brands like Vermont Castins and Jotul. What are you waiting for? Call (631) 585-3473 today and get started!

Wood Burning Fireplaces near Smithtown

There’s just something about a wood-burning fireplace. You can add a new level of comfort with a wood burning fireplace. In addition to cheap and efficient heat for your home, wood burning fireplaces might even earn you up to $1500 in tax incentives. You may even qualify for as much as $1500 in tax incentives when you buy a wood burning fireplace. What are you waiting for? Call (631) 585-3473 today and get started!

11787Gas Burning Fireplaces

If you’re looking for the warmth and efficiency of a wood burning fireplace, but without the all of the cleanup, a gas fireplace might be a good fit. Each year, gas burning fireplace models become more popular as homeowners realize how convenient and efficient they really are. Check out our wide selection of gas burning fireplaces from great brands like Vermont Castings and Jotul.\Because we know that having choices is important to you, we can a wide variety of great name brands like Jotul and Vermont Castings, so come on down and check out Fireplace Factory today! For more information about quality fireplaces in your area, call (631) 585-3473.

Vented Gas Fireplaces Smithtown

Ever-growing in popularity the world over, vented gas log fireplaces come in a variety of sizes and styles to match your unique tastes. With more options to customize than traditional wood and gas burning fireplaces, vented gas log fireplaces are becoming more and more popular. If you’re looking for a fireplace that looks and acts like a tradition log fireplace, but with none of the cleanup, this is definitely the fireplace for you. There’s no better time to invest in a vented log gas fireplace for your home, especially when there are so many great brands, models, and styles to choose from at Fireplace Factory. What are you waiting for? Call (631) 585-3473 today and get started!

Smithtown Ventless Gas Fireplaces

A ventless fireplace is a great alternative to traditional styles of fireplace because it is just as efficient, but is also low-maintenance. These ventless fireplace units are simple to install and even easier to maintain, and with so many different models to choose from at Fireplace Factory, they’re a sure thing! Less work to clean and maintain your new ventless fireplace means more time to enjoy the comfort and warmth if gives you-so check out our wide selection of makes and models today!

Electric Fireplaces

Open flame fireplaces aren’t for everyone, that’s why Fireplace Factory also carries electric fireplace options for the home. Electric fireplaces are sleek substitutes for the traditional flame-based fireplace and they offer several features that are generally not found on their flame-lit cousins. Come on down to Fireplace Factory today and learn more about how an electric fireplace can heat your home and change your life. To get started finding your new fireplace, call (631) 585-3473.

Wood Burning Stove near 11787

A wood burning stove is a great investment that not only heats your home, but also one that reduces high heating costs. At Fireplace Factory, we only carry the best name brands that the industry has to offer like Lopi and Jotul. There’s no better time than now to invest in a wood burning stove for your home, so browse our wide selection and get started today! For more information about quality fireplaces in your area, call (631) 585-3473.

Wood Pellet Stove Smithtown

Today, few people have the time to stack and split fire-wood, that’s what wood pellet stoves are more popular than ever. The beauty of wood pellet stoves is that they burn clean, the fuel is cheap, and they are comparable to traditional fireplaces, making them a great investment for homeowners. You deserve to be comfortable and warm and to save on your electric bill, so come on down to Fireplace Factory today!

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