Fireplaces in Medford, Long Island

Northern Atlantic winters are rough. That’s why a fireplace can be an invaluable investment for your home. Because fireplaces come in a number of styles, there’s something for every home: wood burning, gas burning, and electric units. Fireplace Factory is Long Island’s go-to place for all things fireplace and fireplace related, so come on down and find out why! There’s no need to freeze this winter-not when there are great deals on all of the best fireplaces at Fireplace Factory. Come on down today!

Buying a Fireplace in 11747

Purchasing a new fireplace for your home isn’t a small investment. But it doesn’t have to be a daunting experience when you come to Fireplace Factory. With years of working in the Melville area, we’re earned the trust and respect of the community when it comes to buying gas, wood, electric fireplaces. Industry-best name brands like Vermont Castings and Jotul highlight our exceptional range of products so that we can help you get the best fireplace for your home. For more information about quality fireplaces in your area, call (631) 585-3473.

Wood Burning Fireplaces near 11747

Nothing beats the smell and feel of a log burning on in the fireplace. Wood burning fireplaces instantly enhance the atmosphere of a room.  You can keep warm and go green, too, because unlike with natural gases, wood burning fireplaces are fuel with renewable resources. Investing in a wood burning fireplace can even earn you up to $1500 in tax incentives. For more information about quality fireplaces in your area, call (631) 585-3473.

Melville Gas Burning Fireplaces

The downside to a gas fireplace is the cleanup, but when you invest in a gas burning fireplace, you don’t have to deal with any of that!  In spite of wood burning fireplaces’ current popularity, gas burning units are on the rise because of their convenience and efficiency At Fireplace Factory, we offer a wide selection of gas burning fireplace units to choose from in a variety of sized and styles for your home. For more information about quality fireplaces in your area, call (631) 585-3473.

Vented Gas Fireplaces

Even though they’re a newer concept, vented gas log fireplaces are definitely growing in popularity. With more options to customize than traditional wood and gas burning fireplaces, vented gas log fireplaces are becoming more and more popular. With these man-made log fireplaces, you can enjoy all of the warmth and comfort of a traditional log fireplace, without any of the cleanup. Come on down to Fireplace Factory today and learn more about all the different vented gas log fireplace models we carry from great brands like Jotul and Vermont Castings. For more information about quality fireplaces in your area, call (631) 585-3473.

Melville Ventless Gas Fireplaces

What has all the perks of a traditional fireplace and is low-maintenance? A ventless gas fireplace, that’s what!  With many different options from all of the best brands in the industry, Fireplace Factory is your one-stop shop for these low-maintenance fireplaces. There’s no reason why you can’t spend your time being comfortable by your new fire place this winter, so come on down to Fireplace Factory today!

Electric Fireplaces in Melville

Not everyone is comfortable with an open flame in their home, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to keep warm.  Electric fireplaces offer all of the warmth and comfort of traditional fireplaces as well as remote control, allowing for temperature adjustments from across the room. With winter here, there’s no better time than now to invest in a safe and efficient electric fireplace from Fireplace Factory. For more information about quality fireplaces in your area, call (631) 585-3473.

11747Wood Burning Stove

If you’re looking to heat your home and you’re tired of high heat bills, a wood burning stove might be exactly what you need. We understand that buying a quality product is important to all of our customers, that why Fireplace Factory only carries the best name brands like Jotul and Lopi. Come on down to Fireplace Factory today and find the perfect wood burning stove for your home! To get started finding your new fireplace, call (631) 585-3473.

Wood Pellet Stove near Melville

With electricity costing what it does, wood pellet stoves are becoming increasingly popular. With cheap, clean-burning pellet fuel, these stoves can heat a room just as well as a traditional fireplace, but at a small cost and with no harm to the environment. So, if you’re looking for clean-burning, cheap heat, Fireplace Factory has what you’re looking for!


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