Fireplaces & stoves are messy

They certainly can be! However, it takes very little care and thought to keep it and the surrounding area neat, clean & inviting. For example, if you have a wood burning unit, simply get a wood carrier to transfer your wood from outside to the unit, and keep it neatly stacked next to the unit. This will prevent wood chips from falling all over your floor while carrying it. Also keep a small dustbuster near the unit, so you can periodically vacuum the area….this will take no more than 30 seconds once in a while.

Fireplaces & stoves are just for looks

While they certainly are beautiful, a good quality fireplace or stove, such as the ones you will find at The Fireplace Factory, are extremely energy efficient and will heat your home! Most of our customers do not spend any money on gas or oil….their fireplace or stove provides all the heat they need, with very little effort.

Putting in a new fireplace or stove is very expensive

Like anything, you can spend as much or as little as you want. If you’re on a tight budget, you can get a beautiful unit for as little as $1,000. Come see us to discuss exactly what you’re looking for!

I have no place to install a unit

You would be shocked at how our professional installers can find a great place for your unit. We have overcome the most impossible situations, leaving our customers with a gorgeous fireplace or stove!

A fireplace or stove will make my house smoky

A lot of older fireplaces cause smoke to back up into the house. This is caused by poor venting through the chimney, or a broken flue. It’s a very simple fix which most people simply don’t understand. When you have a fireplace or stove installed by The Fireplace Factory, rest assured, it will be done properly, with proper venting, and you will not have any smoke in your house! Also, our units are engineered to eliminate the smoke through a secondary combustion process.

Having a new fireplace installed is a major construction project

Believe it or not, our professional installers can install a brand new fireplace in your home in just one day in most cases! It’s actually a lot simpler than you may think….come see us so we can explain in more detail.