As the weather begins to warm up, people tend to forget about their fireplace and neglect to take proper care and maintenance of their hearth. It is obvious that most homeowners use their fireplaces in the Winter and Fall months when the weather is very cold. Yet, many people are unaware that the best time to get their chimney cleaned is in Spring. This is because of a few convenience and maintenance factors.


Trying to get your chimney cleaned in the Fall can be very inconvenient for homeowners. If you wait until the Fall, most chimney cleaning companies like The Fireplace Factory will be at their busiest. You are more likely to have to wait for chimney service during this time, unlike in Spring when the schedule is much more flexible. By being proactive early and scheduling an appointment for a chimney cleaning in the off-season, The Fireplace Factory experts will inspect your chimney earlier, leaving plenty of time for any chimney repairs that may be needed.


In regards to maintenance reasons why it is optimal for a Spring chimney cleaning, a substance called creosote plays a major factor. Creosote can accumulate in your chimney after frequent fireplace usage. It can potentially react with any moisture that comes with the warmer months. Left unattended, it can cause damage to the inside of your chimney. Additionally, creosote also causes a foul odor that no homeowner wants to deal with inside their home.

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