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Avalon Gas Fireplaces

Seattle Diamond-Fyre Gas Fireplace

564 Diamond-Fyre

564 Diamond-Fyre
Your home is a reflection of your personal lifestyle. So why shouldn’t your fireplace be the same? Just as furniture and objects of art are both functional and pleasing to the eye, so can be your fireplace design. Avalon’s beautifully designed Seattle Diamond-Fyre gas fireplace featuring the revolutionary GreenSmartTM gas technology will let your personal expression shine through.
The linear flames and 564 square inches of fire viewing are the main focus of the Seattle Diamond-Fyre direct-vent gas fireplace. The design and craftsmanship is positively stunning, and the fire and glowing under-lit glass media is absolutely magical. Choose from either a simple black painted interior or pick the luscious black enamel interior that subtly reflects the fire in a myriad of patterns. You have the choice of three colors of reflective glass media for the under-lit firebox floor. – Platinum (white), Cobalt (blue) or Bronze. If your looking to make a statement with your fireplace then this stylish landscape fireplace will give your home the warmth and drama of a truly contemporary hearth and a more efficient heat source for your home.
The Seattle Diamond-Fyre will heat an area of 950 square feet with a maximum input of 20,500 Btus. The turn-down ratio of 75% to a low input of 5,100 Btus with natural gas or 4,200 Btus with propane provides great flexibility for year-round use. The Split-Flow ribbon burner allows the left and right sections to be shut off leaving only the center portion lit for times when the mood calls for a fire but the comfort level does not require a large heat output.

Winthrop TRV Gas Fireplace

864 TRV GS Fireplace

864 TRV GS Fireplace

The Winthrop TRV is a highly efficient fireplace that features a 78% BTU turn down range from 31,000 to 6,700 giving it extraordinary heat flexibility. Designed to heat up to 1,400 square feet; this fireplace is ideal for moderate climates, zonal heating or providing a decorative flame in the home on summer nights as well as operating as a highly efficient heater. The glowing, wood- like fire of the two-stage Dancing-Fyre burner and 10-piece hand-carved ceramic log set can be viewed through 864 square inches of viewing glass. Customize your Winthrop by choosing from a variety of face styles, firebacks and andirons to compliment your home decor and create your perfect fire.

Winthrop ST Gas Fireplace

864 ST GS Fireplace

864 ST GS Fireplace

The two sided glass of the Winthrop ST gives you a total of 1,728 square inches of safety glass to view your fire (864 square inches per side).The elegantly detailed, hand carved, nine piece log set as well as the Dancing-Fyre burner make the rolling flames of this unit glow unlike any other. Producing up to 37,500 BTU’s per hour with a 60% turn down ratio, the Winthrop ST has the capacity to heat up to 1,500 square feet providing even heat distribution on both sides of the fireplace. Adjust the height and intensity of the flame with the flame height control. You can even turn off flames from both sides leaving just the center flame for less heat creating your perfect fire. Turn on the Dual Accent Light to accentuate the glow of the burning fire or illuminate the interior of fireplace year round. Personalize the fireplace on each side to fit the decor of its surrounding room by choosing from a wide range of face upgrades and firebacks.

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