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How to Clean and Decorate your Fireplace During the Summer

A fireplace is an essential part of a room that the eyes are automatically drawn to, even perhaps when there are no flames inside.  During the spring and summer time, when it’s too warm for log-burning, your fireplace can add a different kind of accent to your home décor.  Here are a few ideas for Read the full article…

What is The Best Kind of Fireplace For a Small Room?

Too big of a fireplace in a small room can turn into a hot mess! At the same time, too small a fireplace may provide insufficient heating inside the room. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fireplaces, so you’ll have to plan ahead to get the right dimensions and materials. Here are some different Read the full article…

Outdoor Fireplace Benefits

A backyard patio or deck is a great place for an outdoor fireplace! If you are thinking of having a wood burning or gas fireplace added to your Long Island home, here are some of the top benefits of an outdoor fireplace. Added ambiance- Sitting by the fire and cozying up with a loved one Read the full article…

Preparing your Fireplace for Spring Season

Before planning to spend warm days outdoors, it is important for homeowners to prepare their fireplaces for the season change. The Fireplace Factory can recommend the proper fireplace maintenance to welcome the Spring Season, which will save you time and money, as well as help keep your family safe. The type of fireplace you own, Read the full article…

The Best Time for Chimney Cleaning is in Spring

As the weather begins to warm up, people tend to forget about their fireplace and neglect to take proper care and maintenance of their hearth. It is obvious that most homeowners use their fireplaces in the Winter and Fall months when the weather is very cold. Yet, many people are unaware that the best time Read the full article…

Stay Warm and Update Your Fireplace This Winter

Now that winter will soon be settling in, it’s time to curl up around a crackling fireplace. But sometimes that beautiful focal point in the room isn’t so nice to curl up around. The fireplace is often the most commanding element in any room it is in. It should steal the show, not drag it down. Read the full article…

Tips for Wood Stove Safety

Wood stoves are often a more efficient way to heat your home than traditional fireplaces. Many wood stoves can even provide warmth for more than one room. Yet, more than 4,000 residential fires each year are started by wood stoves. To keep your wood stove operating safely, consider these tips: Check with your local fire Read the full article…

Find Out Why Pellet Stoves are Hot this Winter Season!

Smart homeowners are quickly turning to modern wood pellet stoves for a more economical and clean source of heat for their homes. There are some good reasons why the pellet stove has suddenly taken on a following, not the least of which is that unlike old timey wood burning stoves, pellet stoves are clean, require Read the full article…

How to Use your Fireplace During Summer

Are you looking for ways to make your fireplace useable and to have it serve as a focal point even during summer? Here are some tips for Long Island homeowners on how to continue to use your fireplace even during the warmer summer months. Burn Candles Switch out fire logs for traditional candles to keep Read the full article…

5 Ways to Refresh Your Fireplace Mantel

Just because the holidays are over, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your fireplace mantel a beautiful focal point. Here are some tips that you can use year-round to create gorgeous displays that complement your style and show off your passions. Hang Up a Mirror Hanging a mirror over your mantel offers an elegant touch Read the full article…

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